Dr. John Pettini, the founder of LIFEWARMER, is driven to improve trauma care and to expand the reach of that care. His career in emergency medicine began at age 16 as a volunteer EMT. That experience now spans 37 years, through being a professional Paramedic, Registered Nurse, and currently a board-certified Emergency Medicine Physician practicing in a busy trauma center.


His various provider roles and a lifetime in emergency medicine have provided exceptional insight into the needs of medical device users in the high stress environments, most especially emergency care. Because of his broad-based clinical experiences, Dr. Pettini’s vision is to now develop simplified device solutions, which reach across trauma, as well as critical care and surgical care.


Early on, as a then Paramedic, Dr. Pettini first envisioned the initial LIFEWARMER technology to meet a clinical need with which he was challenged early on and throughout his career. When he first conceptualized the device, it was not technologically possible to build, much less mass produce this solution. Once technology caught up some twenty years later; the concept became an invention; LIFEWARMER, Inc. was created; the initial development team was formed; and initial development began.


Next, a timely introduction was extended and an approach was made to the US Military, who embraced the solution and began to support the development in multiple ways. The initial LIFEWARMER device technology would provide a much-needed solution to a deadly problem being encountered every day by medics during the long wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.


And now finally and with great perseverance, Dr. Pettini’s original technological vision is preparing to become a new standard of practice in combat casualty care, globally. The collective vision of the Department of Defense is to support medical advancements that not only save lives on the battlefield, but also translate to save lives in the civilian trauma care system. The LIFEWARMER technology, in development, is recognized and supported as just such an advancement.